Maelstrom was a dark boat ride that took guests on a high seas Norwegian adventure complete with a Viking longship. There were trolls and polar bears and the mysterious glowing eye of Odin at the top of a peak. I loved sailing into the port and seeing all of the colourful little houses lining the dock. Maelstrom wasn’t an opening day attraction, but it was Imagineered to feel like one.

Whenever I can I like to make a request for the front row of a boat ride. On our honeymoon visit I asked if my husband and I could have a Viking longship all to ourselves. The cast member kindly agreed. Sitting in the front row of our personal vessel, our last ride ever would be the first and only time we enjoyed a private voyage on Maelstrom. Looking back it was the perfect send off to a beloved Epcot classic.

*Maelstrom was officially replaced by Frozen Ever After on June 21, 2016.

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