Disney's Animal Kingdom


At Disney’s Animal Kingdom you’ll find the ruins of an ancient structure by the Maharajah Jungle Trek. It’s an imaginative habitat for the White-Cheeked Gibbons. On our visits we always spend way too much time watching these amazing, stretchy creatures in action.

White-Cheeked Gibbons are native to the endangered canopies of tropical rainforests in Laos, Vietnam and Southern China. Disney’s Animal Kingdom participates in a Gibbon Species Survival Plan coordinated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).  We can all help to protect the rainforests by choosing fair-trade, organic, shade-grown coffee.

Male gibbons are black and females are gold. All baby gibbons are born gold to blend with their mother. After their first year, the fur of both male and female gibbons changes from gold to black. Females will lighten back to gold when they are ready to mate.

White-Cheeked Gibbons will sing to attract a mate then continue to sing together. Each couple can be identified by their particular song and live as monogamous pairs together with their offspring. Be sure to look for these adorable animals on your next visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They will definitely keep you entertained!

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