What I Wore


I find that flying from a cold climate to a warmer one always requires extra planning when dressing for the trip.  On the one hand, keeping warm is essential but on the other no one wants to be stuck with a giant puffer coat after landing.  On my recent flight from Toronto to Orlando – during the first week of February and almost eighteen below – I opted for a stone coloured blazer, chambray shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of classic grey pumps.  The blazer and scarf kept me warm on the dash from airport taxi to terminal and once inside I was more than comfortable.

After landing in Orlando and picking up our rental car it was a quick change for me. Off with the blazer, shirt and pumps and on with a fresh white v-neck tee and Superga sneakers – kept handy in my carry-on – for a comfy drive to our hotel.

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