Magic Kingdom


Be Our Guest Restaurant had just opened the year we honeymooned at Walt Disney World. It was billed as the height of Disney Imagineering and the must have dining reservation of the moment. Both my husband and I were excited to try the food, experience the theming and meet Beast! I’ve always had luck booking Disney dining reservations – even last minute ones – and snagging Be Our Guest was no different. I somehow booked a dinner reservation on my first try and was delighted that my plans were falling into place. It was because the reservation happened so easily that I didn’t think twice about cancelling it to book another time slot instead. Well that didn’t go well. Aways, always, always change the time within the reservation you already have. Never cancel first! Needless to say I didn’t get a replacement reservation that day or any day after and I was a little depressed about my mistake.

On the evening of our ill-fated reservation we were at Magic Kingdom park without any dinner plans. I decided to take a chance and ask the hostess at Be Our Guest if there were any cancellations. She checked her book, confirmed that there were and walked us right in! We were seated in the Grand Ballroom which was magnificent – the whole restaurant was. But our dinner was not, and when I scanned the room I noticed many plates left unfinished. Since then the menu has changed and the food has improved, which is great news because meeting Beast is such treat!

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