Magic Kingdom


Oh, the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom park! It’s been a favourite since childhood. After my first ride on this attraction the ballroom ghosts danced in my memory for years. From the iconic stretching portraits to Madame Leota’s séance circle, Haunted Mansion is Disney Imagineering at its best.

Before our son Maxwell was born, my husband and I could easily spend twelve hours straight at Magic Kingdom. We’d arrive early in the afternoon and stay well past midnight. Attendance was lower then and wait times practically didn’t exist after dark. On one of these summer nights we were only two of a handful of guests riding through the Haunted Mansion. What we didn’t know is that while indoors a heavy rainstorm had broken out, and we were all in for a special treat.

Cast members caught us before the exit and ushered us through an unmarked door that led right back to the Doom Buggy loading zone. We were invited to ride again – and again! until the rain stopped. My husband and I were so surprised and delighted by this thoughtful gesture. It’s exactly the kind of Disney magic that happens when you least expect it. Riding and re-riding the Haunted Mansion during a downpour was one of the highlights of our trip and is still one of our favourite Disney memories ever.

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