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Though I aways bring a stylish bag or two along on my trip, I like to carry a tote bag on my Disney Parks visits. Easy to carry and easy to fill, a tote bag isn’t something I mind setting down on the ground or squeezing into a ride.

Tote Bag Essentials:

1. I always carry a bottle of Smart Water.  I drink a lot of water throughout the day.

2. Organic Mineral Based Sunscreen for face and body by The Green Beaver Company.

3. Fresh Strawberries or sliced cucumber make an excellent and hydrating snack.

4. Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On  Fruity and Floral notes with rich Bourbon Vanilla make this the perfect summer scent.  A roll-on is light, portable and very easy to reapply.

5. MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden.  Essential for a polished glow.

6. Park Maps  I still love the tactile quality!

7. Tissues  Looking good in the summer heat requires blotting – a lot of blotting.

Make-Up Bag Essentials:

1. Daily Face Cream with SPF  This light-textured formulation is non-whitening, non-greasy and contains antioxidant rich raspberry extract.  The Green Beaver Company is Canadian, too.

2. Pacifica Perfume Roll-On in Island Vanilla is the only scent I wear in the summer. It’s made without parabens, phthalates and propylene glycol – all of the harmful chemicals found in most perfumes.  It’s also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

3. Diorskin Nude Concealer in Ivory  I cannot travel without concealer.

4. Tissues are key to looking fresh in the summer sun.  I blot all day long.  

5. MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden  It’s the secret to an even, polished glow.

6. MAC Lipstick in Coral Bliss for a bright pop of summer colour.

Dental floss and Green Beaver Frosty Mint Lip Balm – made from Organic wildflower beeswax – are a must.  I also like to pack a wristlet in my tote bag in lieu of a regular wallet.  I find it easier to access small bills and change for souvenirs and snacks.  A wristlet is also the exact right size to hold credit cards, key cards and receipts.

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